• Our Client Commitment

Our Client Commitment

We take our role as property managers seriously and aspire to deliver a tailored, property-specific service that consistently goes above and beyond owner’s expectations. We believe that:

  • Your property is a significant investment and should always be treated as such.
  • Everyone deserves to live in a property that is safe and proactively maintained.
  • Every owner/resident has the right to have their queries responded to promptly.
  • Service charges should be reasonable, stable, transparent and clearly maximise value for money.

Response times:

  • Same day response to all e-mails received prior to 15:00.  Response times range from immediate to less than two hours for all telephone calls.
  • Third-party response:  If no response is received from a third party by the following day, an update will be given to the client and the third party will be requested to respond immediately.
  • Immediate response to all emergency calls as per our 24/7/365 emergency service.

SLA items included:

  • Quarterly property management reports to Directors.
  • Quarterly financial reports to Directors.
  • Site visits by a Petra representative on average once fortnightly.
  • Quarterly Directors meetings.
  • AGM and Budget meetings (typically held together).
  • Additional meetings can be arranged especially in the early months of the contract at no extra cost, to deal with the handover and define a property management plan.

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