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July 2013

In this section, our property managers will answer interesting questions regarding property management and the unique circumstances of living in a managed multi-unit development.

(July 2013) Q. I woke up this morning and my car was clamped! What should I do?

Vehicles are typically clamped only if they are parked in a manner that contravenes the parking regulations of the development. Typically these rules include:

  • Not parking in the right numbered space
  • Illegally parking on double yellow lines
  • Failing to register a visitor’s car
  • Failing to show an appropriate permit in the windshield.
  • Parking in an area designated for emergency vehicles.

If you are clamped, please phone the number on the notice placed on the car’s window. Note that Petra Management do not manage the car parking in any development and have no power to appeal on your behalf. In cases where you believe that the clamping was unjust, you can appeal within 30 days of receiving the fine. Please provide copies of any documentation relevant to your appeal (e.g., photographs, Pay & Display ticket, etc.) The following links may be useful for appealing a clamping fee:

NCPS:  http://mail.ncps.ie/pgcuserservices/


Clamped sports car


(July 2013) Q. Given the nice weather of the last few weeks, can I have a barbecue on the balcony of my apartment?

Unfortunately, barbecues are not permitted in apartment developments. We never enjoy being the bearer of bad news especially in this good weather nevertheless, the reasons for this are fully grounded in health and safety. You can see from the image below that in extreme cases, a barbecue is a serious fire hazard as coals can burn through the balcony flooring. The rest is obvious!



(July 2013) Q. I am a resident who lost my key/access card. What must I do to obtain a new one?

Management of keys, fobs and access cards is a security issue. Consequently, in order to issue keys to residents we must first receive authorisation in writing by e-mail from the owner of the property. You can also fill out the log an issue form located on our website. If you are a tenant, please request your owner contact us on your behalf as due to the turnover of tenancies it is not practicable for Petra to maintain a register of all tenants. Please also note that the property’s service charge must be paid or an agreed payment plan in place in order to receive a new access key.

The turnover time from the request of a key/fob is typically between 24 to 48 hours. In some of the developments we manage, the keys/fobs can be picked up at our office. In other cases they must be collected for a locksmith. In our e-mail to you we will outline the exact instructions and cost involved.