• Property Administration Services

Administrative Services

The efficient management of corporate administration and governance is an important part of our role as managing agents.

As agents, we convene and attend meetings such as AGMs and EGMs. Additionally, we meet with Directors or Resident’s Committees at agreed intervals. Our involvement and input at these meetings can be of great benefit in ensuring good communication channels and a positive living environment for Residents.

We ensure that the company’s annual and other returns are filed with the Register of Companies within the prescribed time limits.

In the event a property is to be sold, we respond to the Requisitions on Title to the Management Company and administer the transfer of membership certificate.

Furthermore, we assist the OMC in complying with all relevant property legislation including:

  • The Multi Unit Development Act, 2011
  • The Residential Tenancy Act, 2004
  • Health & Safety Legislation
  • Fire Services Act, 1981
  • Occupiers Liability Act, 1995
  • Data Protection Act
  • Litter/Noise Pollution Acts