• Financial Management Services

Financial Management Services

To protect the value of your investment, we employ the highest level of care whilst managing your development’s finances.

Our financial professionals work closely with each Owner’s Management Company (OMC) client to plan, budget and apportion service charges and sinking fund contributions. We take a long-term approach which avoids any unexpected hikes in the service charge. In many cases, we are able to reduce service charges on an on-going basis thanks to good planning and a rigorous approach to budgeting.

Service charge collection is a major priority for each OMC and we have a structure in place to achieve a consistently high collection rate.

Our internal processes and controls are audited by an independent party on a regular basis and are comprehensive. We are licenced by the governing body of the industry (PSRA) and strictly adhere to their Code of Practice.

We believe strongly in transparency and full financial reporting is available to Directors on an agreed periodic basis. This includes a debtors listing, budget v. actual and cash flow.

For additional information on our approach to financial management, please contact our office and we would be delighted to discuss it with you.