• Property Maintenance Services

Property Maintenance Services

All properties in our portfolio are consistently well-maintained. For both aesthetic and safety reasons, this is one of the most important ways we protect your investment.

Our team of highly technical property managers are well versed in the electronic (e.g.: fire systems, gates, CCTV) and structural components of buildings. Unlike other managing agents, our site inspections are very thorough from a technical perspective and deliver a direct and immediate benefit to the OMC in the form of suggestions for cost savings.

Periodic property management reports are prepared based on site visits in advance of meetings and highlight both on-going and completed maintenance issues. They give property owners and directors a very visual synopsis of the work being done in their development. To request a sample of this documentation, please contact us here.

All property maintenance contactors engaged by Petra are done at arm’s length. We do not employ our own gardening, cleaning or maintenance staff and thus always go to the market to achieve the best quote possible.

We request three quotes for all works and only engage reputable contractors who carry full insurance and valid safety statement for all works. This ensures that Petra can drive down the annual service charge and/or reinvest funds into other important projects related to the development while always maintaining a high standard of quality work.

Our Emergency Help Line will connect you directly to a property manager on a 24/7/365 basis to resolve any urgent issues that may arise. For a full list of the property maintenance services that we can look after for you, please click here.